Throwing a fabulous event, girls night in or a party-ROUNDUP

September 19, 2014


My life and brand are all about the little details. Whether it’s throwing an event for WORK. or mixing up some yummy cocktails, the little details are what matter. Over the last few months I’ve introduced you to some delicious cocktail recipes and included some of my favorite ways to plan fun days/nights. From a girls night… View full post >

Jena Gambaccini’s Colorful and Fashionable Work Space

September 16, 2014


Describe your office space to us:  It’s a place where I pretty much use fashion as decoration. There’s shoes, bags, and clothes all around but in the most organized way I can put them together. I just wanted a place where I can be creative but also display the items I love so much. They look much… View full post >

Creating a Cool Office Space in Three Easy Steps

September 15, 2014


“I want a cool office space.” I hear it all the time. But, what does ‘cool’ actually mean? Everyone seems to have a different interpretation of the word. To somebody, ‘cool’ means hip and trendy. To someone else, ‘cool’ means innovative. I think I have accepted the fact that, no matter what, ‘cool’ signifies a… View full post >

How to “Tailgate” Fabulously-Tips + Tricks from The Office Stylist

September 11, 2014

photo 2

It’s no secret that I like to make every part of my life fabulous or chic in some way. It’s how I started my brand, I wanted my work life, day and space to look more fabulous. I noticed that everything that I do from styling an office, throwing a girls night in to Taco Tuesdays… View full post >

Women Entrepreneur’s Club + Pinnacle Apple Pop {Recipe Included}

September 10, 2014

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Last night we had a fabulous event at WORK. and I can’t wait to share a yummy recipe with you! We’ve had a few great events since launching the new space and one of my faves was last nights Women Entrepreneur’s Club. What better way to network, meet awesome entrepreneurial women than with something as… View full post >