Turnstone’s Bivi Collection Is Changing the Way Companies Look At Growth

October 29, 2014


For many large corporate companies, the ability to adapt is crucial. With constant fluctuations in labor, companies are forced to quickly and efficiently accommodate the growing number of employees. However, this growth can cause chaos and disruption in an office. Simply put, many offices don’t have the space or adequate numbers of desks (it’s a… View full post >

Scarlett Lillian’s Glamourous Pink Home Office

October 28, 2014


Describe your office space to us: I’m an ultimate girly girl and I wanted my work space to reflect that.  There’s lots of pink, glam, animal print, furry pillows and sparkle!  I’m always an out of the box thinker, so I included a lot of my favorite things as decor, such as an old fluffy Betsey Johnson… View full post >

Faux-abulous: Incorporating Faux Fur into Your Workspace

October 22, 2014


Faux Fur can be a hit or miss for most people. Incorporating it into your design may seem like a challenge, but it’s worth it. Whether you choose a subtle shag rug or a bold leopard print, your space will look so chic with the addition of a playful texture. Since I’m anti-fur, there are a ton of… View full post >

Jacquelyn Clark’s Simply Chic Home Office {Office Tour}

October 21, 2014


Describe your office space to us: I use the term office loosely as it’s really just a small corner of our condo. But it’s my corner, and I love every last inch. We’re lucky in that our condo faces south, which means that it’s flooded with light all day long. It makes toiling away at my desk… View full post >

Transformation Series: Making Our Walls Pop With Custom Prints From ART.com

October 20, 2014


Just when we thought that the WORK. office space couldn’t look any better, ART.com proved us wrong. We are in LOVE with our new custom prints. Transforming the accent wall of the space, these prints make our workspace come to life. I can’t help but admit that I get a little excited every time I… View full post >