February 19, 2010

Car Cup Holder Accessories: Travelstacks

Travelstacks are what we would call the car cup holder organizer. Built with three separate compartments and a cup holder, Travelstacks are perfect for the worker on the go:

January 29, 2010

Cool Laptop Case: The BookBook

I’ve seen some pretty cool laptop cases and bags before, but this really does take the cake. As a book lover, and classic book lover, it feels as if this laptop case was made for me. Take a Look…

January 22, 2010

Cool Laptop Bags You’ll Actually Want to Carry

I recently stopped by one of my favorite online shops, and while taking a look at their jewelry, I noticed they now carry laptop bags/cases. Just like love, a good laptop bag is hard to find. Actually, a good looking and functional laptop bag is hard to find.

January 19, 2010

Help! I have a headache…and possibly a papercut!

We all know how dangerous it can be working at an office(insert sarcasm). I can list at least five office perils off the top of my head: annoying co-workers paper cuts dehydration air conditioning turned too high germs Many of the above items can certainly apply to work travel or any other work related situation… View full post >

January 15, 2010

Travel Packing Tips for your Next Business Trip

By Melissa McGraw and Jennifer Gregory

November 25, 2009

Travel Utensil Set-Credit Card Cutlery!

Something sure to come in handy for just about everybody. Ideal for the entrepreneur or worker on the go, works great if the restaurant forgets what you need, or for those constantly traveling. Fit this into your pocket or your purse, either way you are sure to feel prepared for any type of “food situation.”

November 14, 2009

Not your average coffee cup: The Universal Car Charger

I have found just the thing for all you mobile workers,  entrepreneurs and pretty much anyone who is constantly on the go. Put this on your Xmas lists because this is one thing you’ll definitely want to have: