August 12, 2014

Watch The Office Stylist on CBS News!

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Can you believe it? Last Thursday, I was featured on CBS News for the launch of WORK.!!!! It is surreal to see all of our hard work come to life on the television screen. News anchor, Kristine Lazar, and the CBS camera crew stopped by the office Thursday for an inside look at WORK. Before we… View full post >

September 3, 2012

Birthday Month at a Glance 2012


Hi Everyone! August was a very special month for me because its my official “birthday month.” I celebrate all month long with friends and family and this August was just plain awesome. Here’s a peek at what I’ve been up too. Oh! and before I forget, I have some very exciting news and changes coming up. Be… View full post >

August 17, 2012

Editor’s Note: Do you Care What you Look Like at Work?


I recently had a friend meet me for lunch at my office on a quiet day, I was the only one there when she came by. I was dressed in a gorgeous dress and heels picked out by my stylist, Lauren Messiah and my friend asked if I always dress this way when no one’s in… View full post >

August 6, 2012

My Pinspiration


Hello Everyone! As you all know, I’m a bit obsessed with Pinterest and its become a really great source of inspiration for me in all parts of my life. I thought it’d be fun to do either a weekly or monthly post of my favorite Pinterest finds and here’s the first batch! A workspace at home is… View full post >

August 1, 2012

Interior Design Books Past + Present

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Do you ever  go through old boxes or storage of your stuff and discover things about yourself? I seem to do that frequently and recently I came across a book that I bought from a flea market when I was just 10 years old. I always knew I loved design, I would even spend birthday… View full post >

July 23, 2012

Let’s Stay Connected Online!

office stylist pinterest

Hi Everyone! Wanted to drop a quick line to everyone and list a few ways we can stay connected online. As you probably know, I’m obsessed with pinterest, tweet/facebook daily and post pics on my instagram. If you want to stay in the loop of everything going on The Office Stylist’s world then be sure… View full post >

July 20, 2012

What’s New + I Need Your Input!

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Oh its been a while since I’ve done and Editor’s Note so I wanted to stop in and say hello! As you’ve probably already noticed, there has been a lot going on with The Office Stylist from working with some amazing brands, a new look and some awesome top secret projects I’ve been working on…. View full post >