August 20, 2014

Office Transformation Series: The Poppin. Effect


After a lot of hard work and a few broken nails, WORK. is finally complete. I am so thrilled of how the office turned out. So, without further ado, I am sharing with all of you the transformation in a ‘Office Transformation Series’. I will highlight a few of my favorite DIY projects and accessories… View full post >

August 18, 2014

How to Design a Dark Office That’s Chic


Don’t be scared of dark colors in an office space. Yes, I talk a lot about brightening an office, but that shouldn’t mean you have to stay 100 feet away from darker shades. In fact, I love black and navy A LOT. If you ever saw me in the office, I most likely will be… View full post >

August 15, 2014

How Turnstone’s Campfire Collection Is Changing The Way We Work


The once daunting and uninviting conference tables of my parent’s generation are a thing of the past. Companies big and small are now starting to recognize that an inviting work culture is an important factor in an employee’s well-being. Ping Pong tables and large kitchens in corporate offices are not only encouraged by the emerging… View full post >

August 15, 2014

August Ink: Stylish, Inspirational Home and Office Decor

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 9.21.04 AM

After stumbling across August Ink’s adorable collection on Instagram, I was able to connect with the designer, Andrea Daniel, herself. I love connecting with other successful woman entrepreneurs. I wanted to share with you a few of my current August Ink obsessions, because they are not only cute but inspirational too! This is our motto… View full post >

July 21, 2014

How to Style your Desk Like a Boss

how to style your desk

If your office is your empire, then consider your desk the control board. It’s where you make decisions, get down to business, and most importantly-make that money. But how are you supposed to master your domain if your desk is less than chic? A great-looking and well-organized desk will not only make your space look good,… View full post >

May 30, 2014

EASY D.I.Y Cute Office Supplies with Rust-Oleum ® Universal® Spray Paint

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.11.38 AM

I have somewhat of an office supply addiction. It is, afterall, what lead me to start and what now leads me to styling and re-styling my desk all the time. Lately I’ve been feeling like my desk needed a bit of an update and rather than hit up all my favorite stores for accessories,… View full post >

May 29, 2014

tenka gammelgaard’s studio space-DESIGN I DROOL OVER


Though my brand + blog is all about WORK + OFFICE I also come across spaces that I simply can’t NOT share. Its why I have a board on Pinterest titled “Design I Drool Over” because I love all things beauty/design, not just things office related. After all, if you’re a stay at home mom then… View full post >