October 31, 2014

Designs I’m Drooling Over: My Favorite Pins From This Week


When the day seems never-ending or I need a relaxing mind break, I always turn to Pinterest to lift my spirits. Very often I find myself getting lost in my own little heaven. There is just something so comforting at looking at gorgeous photos of well-decorated houses or discovering a new chocolate chip cookie recipe…. View full post >

October 29, 2014

Turnstone’s Bivi Collection Is Changing the Way Companies Look At Growth


For many large corporate companies, the ability to adapt is crucial. With constant fluctuations in labor, companies are forced to quickly and efficiently accommodate the growing number of employees. However, this growth can cause chaos and disruption in an office. Simply put, many offices don’t have the space or adequate numbers of desks (it’s a… View full post >

October 22, 2014

Faux-abulous: Incorporating Faux Fur into Your Workspace


Faux Fur can be a hit or miss for most people. Incorporating it into your design may seem like a challenge, but it’s worth it. Whether you choose a subtle shag rug or a bold leopard print, your space will look so chic with the addition of a playful texture. Since I’m anti-fur, there are a ton of… View full post >

October 20, 2014

Transformation Series: Making Our Walls Pop With Custom Prints From ART.com


Just when we thought that the WORK. office space couldn’t look any better, ART.com proved us wrong. We are in LOVE with our new custom prints. Transforming the accent wall of the space, these prints make our workspace come to life. I can’t help but admit that I get a little excited every time I… View full post >

October 9, 2014

Adding Glam to your Workspace-One Desk, Three Ways.


This week in one of the private office’s at WORK. I had some fun styling the white desk a few different ways: shabby glam chic, tuxedo glamour and dazzling purple. Although a white desk may seem overwhelming, it is the perfect blank canvas. In an office space, YOU have the creative freedom to express your personal… View full post >

September 30, 2014

Ask The Office Stylist: Paint Color Dilemma

ask the office stylist

This week, I received a great question from a reader about paint colors in an office space. Karin asks: “I am renovating my office space and I am stuck in choosing paint colors. What’s the current paint color obsession for today in terms of office? I love chic interiors.” Don’t Fret.  It’s easy to get stuck when trying to… View full post >

September 15, 2014

Creating a Cool Office Space in Three Easy Steps


“I want a cool office space.” I hear it all the time. But, what does ‘cool’ actually mean? Everyone seems to have a different interpretation of the word. To somebody, ‘cool’ means hip and trendy. To someone else, ‘cool’ means innovative. I think I have accepted the fact that, no matter what, ‘cool’ signifies a… View full post >