December 15, 2014

Easy DIY Cabinet Makeover-A much needed makeover for my hallway cabinets

photo 4

I’ve been on quite the DIY kick lately and that’s because I love a quick and easy makeover. I love to change up my space no matter where it is, home or the office. Change is good and easy DIYs are the way to go. I recently purchased some awesome marble contact paper for another… View full post >

December 8, 2014

Decorating Your Office With Hues Of Chocolate Brown


There’s nothing quite like breaking off a chunk of chocolate after a long day. No matter if it’s white, dark or semi-sweet, if it’s chocolate, I’ll eat it-YUM! I’m dreaming about chocolate as I sit here writing this post and I’m drinking hot chocolate from a Santa mug. So, it’s only fitting that I dream… View full post >

December 5, 2014

Design Inspiration: Scallop Envy, a Trend Worth Trying


It’s all about the details in an office design. You can change a space drastically when you take into consideration the little touches. For me, a design isn’t complete until you add all of the little touches and accents to the space. Looking to add a unique touch to revamp your office space? With just… View full post >

November 24, 2014

Designing an Officespace Inspired by your Favorite Handbag


Shopping for handbags is one of my favorite past-times. Let’s be serious, what woman doesn’t love adding a new handbag to her closet? It is like a piece of artwork for your outfit. No matter what anyone says, you can always justify adding a handbag to your collection. Looking to give a little life to… View full post >

November 19, 2014

Floral Prints for a Fabulous Space-Latest Trend I’m Loving


Want to know what’s on my mind? Florals. If you ever looked at my office or home style, I don’t usually have a ton of floral prints or any at all. More often then not, I am more likely to use a stripe as my main pattern, something art deco or anything you’d find dark/stormy…. View full post >

November 18, 2014

Easy DIYs for your Workspace- Office Door Makeovers

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 11.00.40 PM

For me, a DIY project needs to be quick and relatively painless. So, when I decided to try out a fun DIY in my home office, I wanted a project that would be easy to accomplish and that would make a big impact in my space. That’s when I decided to add a little jazz to… View full post >

November 12, 2014

Striped and Fabulous: How To Achieve My Favorite Look

strip graphic

In any design or office renovation, I am always tempted to incorporate stripes somehow into the final design. I can’t get enough of this bold pattern. It’s chic and timeless. Cough cough, even my business cards are stripes. You can do just about anything with this print. In the WORK. office, I incorporated stripes into… View full post >