Papayas Gorgeous Office Space!

August 12, 2009

Yesterday I came upon a post of one of my favorite design blogs that I just had to mention to you all. If you think you have seen a beautiful or inspirational office space, think again. The offices of Papaya, a stationery and gift company, will blow you out the water! They certainly do have my stamp of approval!

Observe (and please don’t drool on your keyboard)

I LOVE the visitor chairs and the curtains!


I think having a chandelier in the office is a must!


And their warehouse? Gorgeeeouuusss!


Papaya has some amazingly beautiful things so it’s no wonder their space is inspiring and gorgeous. Just between you and I, we will have some of their stuff on the store soon. Yay!


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One thought on “Papayas Gorgeous Office Space!

  1. JTay says:

    The yellow curtains in this office remind me of a gorgeous home office by Canadian designer, Sarah Richardson:

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