Office Makeover-Small Spaces into Workspaces

October 2, 2009

Hello and Happy Friday!

I came upon a fabulous Office Makeover that I knew you would just love to see! Before we get started, I want to show you the “before” picture:


A big problem many people have is with office SPACE-not having enough of it. You could choose to leave it as a storage area or just complain that it’s too small. OR you can transform it into this:


This is a fantastic example of using a small space to create a creative, chic and functional workspace. I love the red carpet against the white furniture and the overall look is just fantastic. The makeover is from Mandarina Studio-Interior design and they really did a great job with the space.

What are your thoughts? What would you have done differently or is it perfect as is?

The Office Stylist


5 thoughts on “Office Makeover-Small Spaces into Workspaces

  1. Julia says:

    WOW! I would work all day in a cute and cozy office such as this! I love it! :-)

  2. Angela says:

    I love small cozy work spaces and this is adorable! It’s about all the room I have to work with and it’s nice to see how doable it can be.

  3. kelle says:

    Love the plants!

    I would ditch one of the lamps to make room for a laptop stand, external monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

    It looks great, but I think it be even more awesome if the back walls had some art on them.

  4. visiting from facebook; i have small spaces in my apartment… which is basically my studio; so this appealed to me. love to see peoples space saving solutions.

  5. Morgan Leigh says:

    soo cute!

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