Pets at Work with Bentley the Intergalactic Bone Hustler

March 1, 2012



About your pet

Official Title: Intergalactic Bone Hustler

Workday duties: Sales and Marketing

Breed/animal: Golden Retriever

Favorite workday activities: Taste testing, office break/walks,

Favorite workday snacks: Every Zuke’s dog treat under the sun! Especially the Mini Bakes

Start Time: 9am

What made you decide to start bringing Bentley into work?

It is a dog treat company and everyone brings their dogs!

How would you describe a typical workday with  Bentley?

Bentley is also a member of the “blonde ambition” greeting committee, generously welcoming anyone who looks like they need a little sunshine. He is always at my side or socializing with others.

Would you say that having your pet at work helps or hinders your work?


What do clients think/say about Bentley  being at the office with you?

They love it!

Do you think more offices should allow pets at work?


What’s your favorite thing about having Bentley at work?

He loves to wag his tail and always reducing stress.

Grant Berry and Bentley work over at


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