Pets at Work with Rocky the Chief Security Officer

April 19, 2012

About your pet

Official Title:   Rocky Koziol, Chief Security Officer

Workday duties:  Rocky’s main jobs are to make people smile, provide stress relief and greet guests.

Breed/animal: Rocky is a Portuguese Water Dog.

Favorite workday activities: Rocky loves answering the door when the intercom sounds.  He loves coming to work in the morning because Bryan has his morning treats ready for him. 

Favorite workday snacks:  Rocky loves Barker&Meowsky’s Ice Cream Cone Bakery Dog Treats

Start Time: Rocky works 9-5

How long has Rocky been at the company?  He started as a pup eight years ago.

What made you decide to start bringing Rocky into work?

When we opened the office in 2005 we had already transformed a dusty, abandoned dentist’s office into a wonderfully warm vintage space through the use of a good cleaning and wonderful paint treatments by Only Faux You.  Bringing Rocky was the perfect touch to make this once dreary place into a welcoming, happy space.

How would you describe a typical workday with Rocky?

He camps out on his Barker&Meowsky custom upholstered bed under the conference table and keeps and eye out for any trouble.  As Chief Security Officer, he has a uniform, but most days he goes undercover.  He gets to relax most of the day, but is at the ready should anything out of the ordinary occur.  Our offices are in a secure building, but when I am working late, I am especially glad to have a big dog near me. 

Would you say that having your pet at work helps or hinders your work?

I think it helps.  Rocky is not intrusive, hypoallergenic and provides a smiling face throughout the day.  Plus he is a good listener. 

What do clients think/say about Rocky being at the office with you?

Rocky gets a day off now and again when clients that we are not sure will like dogs come into the office.  Most clients love him and Rocky’s biography and picture on the K Squared website are one of the most visited pages.

Do you think more offices should allow pets at work?

I think offices with pet would have less stress, but first, employers would have to ensure that pet allergies are not an issue with any of their employees. 

What’s your favorite thing about having Rocky at work?

I know he is happy.

Your First/Last name and a link to your company/website:

Kate Koziol and Rocky work over at K Squared Communications,

Photo Credit:  Brian Fritz at Brian Fritz photography


One thought on “Pets at Work with Rocky the Chief Security Officer

  1. Kelly Hamilton says:

    That Rocky is one handsome security officer!

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